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ReXil Agro manufactures and distributes unique (patented), stabilized and concentrated formulations of silicic acid with specialized formulas developed to maximize plant growth and health. Depending on plant type and soil, special blends of essential micro-nutrients are added to our base silicic formula to produce our range of products.

Our formulas of silicic acid and other ingredients increase the essential nutrient and mineral levels in the plant, resulting in stronger and healthy growth and increased yields. Plant growth and development is faster when treated with our formulas thus speeding up time to harvest.

Our results are proven from extensive product testing in varying degrees of climates and soil conditions.

Rationale for the use of silicic acid based products

The importance of the use of silicon (compounds) in agriculture is still being denied. When Si is added to the soil however, plants show an improved growth, higher yields, reduced mineral toxicities and better disease and insect resistance.

Silicon is also helpful for the soil, the micro-organisms and the plants. Specifically (mono) silicic acid is the 'silicon key molecule' being the only bio-available and bio-active molecule for plants, humans and animals. Unfortunately, this silicic acid molecule is very unstable resulting in low concentrations in the soil, often too low for optimal growth of the plant.

This overlooked phenomenon is enhanced by monocropping and the (over-)use of fertilizers / agro-chemicals (such as pesticides) which further decreases the silicic acid concentration.

Silicic acid is important, very important. It acts as a bio-stimulant for the growth of the plant and helps the plant to overcome infections and stress factors like heat, drought and salinity.

So, when bio-active silicic acid is added, plants show an improved growth, higher yield, reduced mineral toxicities and better disease and insect resistance.

Moreover, silicon stimulates the beneficial micro-organisms in the (top) soil resulting in synergistic effects for the uptake of nutrients by the plant.

The silicon paradox is the contrast between the large quantities of silicon (silicates or silicon dioxide) in the soil and the very low concentrations of mono-silicic acid. So it isn't the quantity of 'silicon in the soil' but the quantity of bio-available silicic acid.

Attempting to overcome low levels of bio-silicon content, silicates ('silicon-salts') are used as silicon fertilizers. While these applications are beneficial, the outcome shows limited results because the transformation into silicic acid is still too low.

At the end of last millennium silicic acid was sucessfully synthesized and stabilized. This scientific achievement marked the beginning of a new era of healthy plant growth through Silicic acid. Silicic acid is safe and can be used in a combination of formulas with other essential minerals or important nutrients. For instance, the synergistic effects when combined with boron are even more effective than silicic acid alone.

Dependant of the crop type, other micro-nutrients are added such as Zinc (Zn up to 1,6%), Copper (Cu up to 0,25%) and Molybdenum (Mo up to 0,1%).

Our formulas containing these micro-nutrients and silicic acid targeting specific plant families are marketed as AB Green, AB Yellow and AB Orange.

Our silicic acid formulas are used mostly as bio-stimulants for leafs. By using leaf application, silicic acid 'escapes' from the many chemical reactions located within the soil and remains bio-active. Silicic acid is then absorbed by the leaf stimulating photosynthesis locally, regulating root growth from the top-down and therefore enhancing the uptake of nutrients.