AB Sano Roots

A unique combination of three important agricultural approaches

AB Sano Roots is a bio-fertilizer particularly recommended for sustainable agriculture and organic farming. AB Sano Roots is the keystone to overcome the trade-off between organic farming and competitive agriculture with agrochemicals. AB Sano Roots is an agricultural innovation for high quality crop and food security.

Ab Sano Roots is based on three important agricultural products:

  1. seaweed extracts (important nutrients);
  2. a wide variety of beneficial micro-organisms(improving nutrient uptake);
  3. silicon (as biostimulant);

Why AB Sano Roots

During last decades chemical-based agricultural practices (fertilizers, pesticides) have substantially increased crop yields. However, this indiscriminate use of agrochemicals has contributed significantly to the environmental pollution and have adversely affected human and animal health.

A growing worldwide concern for these problems has motivated ReXil-Agro to seek eco-friendly, safe and effective alternatives. An important contribution to this solution is the combination of three safe, innovative and efficient technologies with mutual synergistic effects based on the formula: 1 + 2 + 3 = 5.

1. Seaweed extracts

Application of bio-fertilizers like liquid seaweed extracts could be at least as effective if not superior to conventional chemical fertilizers if correctly applied.

Seaweed belongs to the group of Algae, a very large and diverse group of simple organisms, distinct from plants. They lack many of the cell structures (like roots or leaves) found in land plants. Algae range from microscopic single-celled microalgae to larger more complex multi-cellular macroalgae like seaweeds.

Micro- and macro-algae can be found worldwide in both freshwater and marine habitats across a wide range of environments. Like plants, the majority of algae use photosynthesis to capture light energy to convert inorganic substances into sugars and then other molecules.

Most algae are safe and have been used for decades as food supplement (e.g. spirulina) and as feedstock for animals.

Liquid bio-fertilizers derived from seaweeds are environmentally safe, effective and profitable.

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2. Beneficial micro-organisms

It is the living micro-organisms in our formula that makes the difference between AB Sano Roots and other organic fertilizers. AB Sano Roots contains beneficial micro-organisms that are responsible for enhanced soil biological fertility. Thanks to the biodiversity of its biotic components, AB Sano Roots soil amendment is recommended to enhance plant growth and to mitigate cultivation problems caused by poor soil quality. Moreover, AB Sano Roots can reverse the damage caused by soil pathogens which restrict crop yields.

The beneficial micro-organisms in AB Sano Roots play a vital role in producing bioactive substances such as hormones and enzymes, controlling soil diseases and accelerating decomposition of lignin materials in the soil. Beneficial micro-organisms improve the uptake of nutrients to the crop and due to this enhanced uptake the photosynthesis as well.

This technology will become even more effective through repeated applications of these micro-organisms over several years. Moreover, the results will be enhanced by the combined (integrated) usage of organic matter like seaweed extracts.

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3. Silicon

The benefits of the use of bioavailable silicon are described elsewhere on this website.

Summary AB Sano Roots

AB Sano Roots modes of action:

  • stimulates root development and root mass;
  • stimulates growth, flowering and setting;
  • increases crops resistance to stress factors;
  • speeds up the nutrient recycling by activating soil microbes responsible for decomposition;
  • improves uptake of plant available nutrients by nutrient recycling;
  • improves seed germination.


AB Sano Roots can be used:

  • for organic crop production giving higher yields and a longer shelf life especially of fruits and vegetables;
  • in combination with (lower doeses of) conventional fertilizers to compensate the negative impact of conventional fertilizers to the soil by adding beneficial microorganisms, resulting in higher resistance to stress factors and higher yields with improved crop quality.


AB Sano Roots is based on a proprietary mixture of seaweed extracts, among others brown seaweed, Ascophyllum nodosum. During a 3 month two-phase fermentation process involving beneficial microorganisms like Lactobacillus, the seaweed extracts are transformed into a liquid and stable bio-fertilizer: AB Sano Roots.

Growing market

During the last decade the market for organically grown produce has doubled because of the increased recognition and appreciation of the usefulness of natural bio-fertilizers.

There is an increasing demand also because of the growing demand for safe products based on sustainable and organic agriculture.

AB Sano Roots: the effective plant booster for organic agriculture

The use of fermented seaweed bio-fertilizers should be regarded as a ‘green revolution’, especially when it is based on environmentally safe technology like AB Sano Roots.

Application of seaweed bio-fertilizer AB Sano Roots is important in organic cultivation for enhanced crop production and for mitigation of environmental pollution.