ReXana :: The Effects and Composition of ReXana

The Effects and Composition of ReXana

Despite a balanced and healthy diet, every human can experience a deficiency in certain minerals especially when aging. This is also due to diet habits or because the diet lacks trace elements. For example because fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy products contain too little trace elements. Or because the food intake is too one-sided causing deficiencies.

ReXana contains 4 important, concentrated and fully absorbable important nutrients: Silicon (as silicic acid), Boron (as boric acid), Zinc and Vitamin C, together: 'the golden four'.

Because of its balanced composition, ReXana has a positive effect on the entire body:

  1. Flexible joints
  2. Strong bones
  3. Powerful muscles
  4. Beautiful skin
  5. Full hair
  6. Increased resistance
  7. Stress resistance
  8. Slowing aging