ReXil Agro BV

Dedicated to development and sale of innovative, effective, safe and eco-friendly agro-products and technologies

ReXil Agro provides several innovative options to improve agriculture and horticulture

Silicic Acid Agro Technology (SAAT)

Based on the application of (stabilized) silicic acid products, utilizing SAAT produces higher quality (e.g. higher nutritional value & longer shelf-life) crops and higher crop-yields per hectare. SAAT is a cost-effective, eco-friendly and safe product for farmers, the soil and consumers.
Products: AB Yellow, AB Green, AB Orange

Stimulation of Soil Health

Our formula uses beneficial ('effective') micro-organisms in combination with fermented algaes & seaweeds to improve soil quality and soil health.
Product: AB Sano Roots

Beneficial Plant Nutrients

Our formula of fermented algaes & seaweeds combined with extra Silicon will improve nutrient levels in crops.
Product: AB Orga Crops

Vitamin & Minerals for Humans

Our formula is based on patented Silicic Acid in combination with Boron, Zinc and Vitamin C and is beneficial for many human body functions.
Product: ReXana (Vitamin & Minerals)