ReXil Agro is the driving force

in Silicic-based agro-technology.

About us

ReXil Agro BV is a silicic acid agro-technology based organization. We manufacture and distribute a wide range of products based on Silicic Acid Agro Technology (SAAT).

About ReXil Agro

ReXil Agro BV is a subsidiary of the ReXil/SiLife Group and our main office is located in the Netherlands / Europe. ReXil / SiLife traces its roots to research on Silicon for humans and animals in the 19th and 20th centuries.

ReXil Agro (along with its predecessors) developed Silicic Acid Agro Technology (SAAT). With this accomplishment, ReXil Agro was able to establish a new standards-based testing and trials for Silicic Acid foliar products on a range of crops and soil types in many countries (India, Europe, South-Africa, Panama, Columbia, etc.). Trials were successful in varied extremes of climates. Benefits of using SAAT include an increase of total crop yield (depending on plant type, between 15% to 50%) and higher quality of the resulting crop.

A beneficial side-effect of SAAT usage is a considerable reduction in the usage and need of chemical fertilizers.

These products are ecologically friendly and safe for plants, soils, the environment and ultimately the farmers themselves.

ReXil Agro is the worldwide patent / license owner for the production of stabilized silicic acid.

Our stabilized silicic acid, (commercially known as OSAB), has been under official testing since 2003.

Using OSAB as our base ingredient, other synergistic minerals, nutrients and boosters are added. These end-product Stabilized silicic acids can be absorbed by the leaf and root systems of the plant.

We have developed various product lines with specific formulas to achieve maximum results based on crop family and plant types. These products are commercially known as our AB line.


ReXil Agro BV has manufacturing facilities in the Netherlands.

Our manufacturing facilities meet the GMP criteria.

Board of Directors

Cees van Stee, CEO

In the past, Cees has worked for Shell, Exxon Mobil, Argos Energies and since 2005 is an independent entrepreneur.

Cees holds a masters degree in Mechanical Engineering specializing in Chemical Engineering.

Dr. Henk Marten Laane, Director Research & Development

Henk-Maarten, MD, holds a PhD in medical science. Previously, he has been assistant professor at the University of Amsterdam (until 1990) and worked for many years as MD. Henk Maarten has done extensive theoretical and practical research on the biological effects of silicic acid on humans and plants, on dermatology, on HIV/AIDS and on social medicine.

Henk-Maarten has published several books and many articles on various topics of interest and frequently is invited to speak about his extensive knowledge in conferences worldwide. Recent conferences include:

  • 8th World Congress on Agriculture and Horticulture - Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 18th International Plant Nutrition Colloquium 2017 - Copenhagen, Denmark